The StreetSmart 2021 campaign is helping over 444 young people through their darkest moments. Support the 2022 campaign to help those still facing homelessness today

With the 2022 StreetSmart campaign in full flow, we wanted to reflect on the impact that last year’s campaign created and the young people that we were able to support as a direct result.


Last year’s campaign saw diners add a £1 donation to their bill in participating restaurants across the country, which raised an incredible £696,000! It is staggering how much those £1s added up.


With your help, this year, we are hoping to break the record on this total.


With LandAid receiving £417,600 of this total, we have been able to allocate over £376,000 of last year’s funds to date. This money has been shared between 26 brilliant charities who are all striving to support young people through their experiences of homelessness. They are the shining light for many when they have nowhere else to turn.


With this funding, approximately 444 young people will be able to be supported through their darkest moments.


The funds will used for a variety of schemes and projects. This includes things like:


    • Providing extra support with deposits and rent


    • Running Mental Health projects and wellbeing workshops


    • Employment programmes


    • Upgrading communal spaces with essential works and making buildings feel more like homes


    • Toiletries and essential items


    • Cost for support workers and project leads to enable one to one and group care



121,000 young people approached their council last year for housing support. Some of the brilliant charities that have been aided through the 2021 StreetSmart campaign have been able to be there to provide help and stability. But sadly, we know that with the current cost of living crisis these numbers are likely to raise.


Booking a StreetSmart restaurant and adding that £1 donation onto your bill could be all it takes to provide desperately needed lifelines to vulnerable young people across the UK.


Find your nearest StreetSmart restaurant here.


The funds raised make a direct impact in the local community of the restaurant that has collected the donations. So, should you dine out at a restaurant in Bristol – the funds will support young people in the South West. The same goes for Leeds, Edinburgh. London and so on – meaning that diners are supporting amazing local causes across the UK.


Want to find out more about the charities across the UK that are receiving LandAid’s and StreetSmart’s support?