LandAid House interior

LandAid House

At any one-time LandAid House is home for 146 young people who have been on the sharp end of homelessness.


London EC1Y 8SE, UK

It’s a safe space designed, a psychological informed environment, where they can turn around their lives and thrive. It is a home for an average of twelve months allowing them to find their feet, to regain their dignity and plan their futures. The building will help redefine standards in homelessness and move-on accommodation nationally and it’s the first new homelessness accommodation to be constructed in London for over a decade.

LandAid House

LandAid House is a home for young people such as Kai.

Kai was ‘asked’ to leave his family home due to a breakdown in the relationship with his parents. He arrived at LandAid House feeling stuck and uncertain what to do next. He already had many of the skills that he needed to live independently but was unsure which direction to take next. He needed time to settle and reflect.

Initially, Kai was reluctant to engage with City YMCA and reluctant to use his time constructively. He was dissatisfied with the way things were but didn’t know where to start in terms of what was possible for him. City YMCA’s regular key working sessions gave him the space to explore options, sessions that he grew to appreciate as he had never been asked in depth questions about his future before.

It took time, but Kai started to believe that he could change. He started to believe that there was a better life ahead.

By sustained encouragement, Kai was able to start following through and made decisions. He made the decision to find a job in construction as he had some experience to get him started. He started to set some goals, he worked on his CV and he looked for a job.

Kai has encountered numerous setbacks. But he has able to learn and to apply himself. After a few months he was offered a job and quickly started to get a sense of satisfaction through it. In turn, that sustained his interest in becoming self-reliant.

After only a month in work he decided he wanted to find his own home. With help he set a budget and started saving for a deposit. Today Kai has got his own room and is living independently.

About City YMCA

Young people are at the centre of all that City YMCA do. It seeks to provide new opportunities for them to understand, to contribute and to succeed in a rapidly changing society. City YMCA helps young people at risk constructively engage with their local community. It provide platforms so they can develop the skills essential for their success. The distinctive services for young people and communities in London include Youth Hubs, Accommodation for young people experiencing homelessness, Community Outreach, Child Care, Fitness and Wellbeing.

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