SHAID (Single Homeless Action Initiative in Durham) provides 24 hour supported accommodation for people at risk of homelessness, including care leavers and ex-service personnel (‘early leavers’). They provide training opportunities, health advice and help with a range of issues, such as trauma, substance misuse.

Cost of the project



Durham, UK

LandAid grant of £30,000 towards SHAID’s Hollyacre Centre has helped create 20 new bed spaces in 15 flats for ‘early leavers’ who are homeless. This involved converting and renovationg an empty, disused care home into 14 one-bed flats and one six-bed family flat.

The project is the only accommodation offered for ‘early leavers’ in Durham who, due to injuries, mental health issues or not reaching the required standard, are forced to leave before completing the first five years of service. SHAID will put the young people in contact with relevant agencies for support: Royal British Legion, SSAFA, Combat Stress, VWALLS, as well as with local authorities and colleges.