Ambassador of the Month #8 – India Storey

In September we started a new Ambassador of the Month campaign, to further recognise the amazing work our Ambassadors are doing.


Each month we’ll select one Ambassador to speak to, asking them about their time at LandAid and highlighting something exceptional they’ve done.


Our past Ambassadors of the month have been: Anna Stewart from BNPPRE, Alexander Barnes and Joseph Round from Gerald Eve LLP, Kitty Kent from PwC, Sophie Walker from Gerald Eve LLP, Emma Murray from Palmer Capital, Laura Da Silva from Malcolm Hollis and Sarah Gunn from TFT Consultants.


We’re really pleased to announce our eighth Ambassador of the Month, India Storey from Logicor! We selected India in part for her amazing effort running the Vitality Big Half Marathon for LandAid, smashing her fundraising and running time target and raising more than £2,000 for LandAid.


We asked her some questions about her time as a LandAid Ambassador so far. Check out her answers below.


Why did you get involved in the LandAid Ambassador programme?


Initially I became interested in LandAid through Logicor. In 2018 we organised a fundraising static cycle challenge at Logicor for LandAid Day. My colleague Tori Watling, an existing LandAid ambassador, asked me to help with the general organisation and seeing how enthusiastic everyone was about the event made me really motivated to get more involved. Following this we now have three people acting as LandAid Ambassadors and it has really helped make a difference. I think being similar in age to the large majority of those that are being helped by LandAid is also extremely motivating – it has been easy for me to empathise with those affected which really helps me get LandAid’s message across when I am talking to others.


What has been the most enjoyable thing you’ve done as an Ambassador?


I’m not sure how enjoyable I can say the Vitality Big Half was, but I am definitely proud to have taken part and seeing my fundraising target of £500 beaten by 465% was extremely enjoyable!! I set out to complete the half in under 3 hours and on the day finished it in 2 hours and 22 minutes, so I was very happy to smash both targets when it came to the event itself.


What was the toughest thing about running the Big Half, and do you have any tips for other people taking on running challenges?


The biggest challenge for me was the leg cramps – after nine miles I really had to push myself to run and not hobble!


As for people taking on other running challenges, I would say train as far in advance as possible! I am not a natural runner so for me training little and often was a great way of building endurance for longer runs. Also, try to make your running goals realistic and achievable so that you can feel yourself improving and continue to be motivated.


Why would you say other people should become LandAid Ambassadors?


You should become a LandAid Ambassador because it is an incredible opportunity to help others and make a difference in the lives of young people who genuinely need it, but also to set an example for other people in the UK property industry who would not always be aware of issues such as youth homelessness. The more people that know, the more there are who care and are willing to help. I have also generally enjoyed the whole experience, it’s been a great opportunity to meet new people and get involved in activities that wouldn’t have necessarily been on my horizon before.


If you’d like to tell us about something you’ve done which you think qualifies you as our Ambassador of the Month, or you’d like to nominate another Ambassador for the accolade, then email Tom Gellatly and let him know.