Five reasons to attend the Paragon mudathon this year

The annual Paragon Mudathon sees teams of property professionals tackling a 5K mud challenge and vaulting, crawling, jumping and swinging across more than 100 obstacles to raise funds for LandAid.


This year’s Paragon Mudathon takes place on Friday 6 September in Henfold, Dorking.


If the prospect of having a muddy great day out and raising money to end youth homelessness hadn’t enticed you already, here are the top five reasons to attend the Paragon Mudathon this year.


Test your mettle


The Paragon Mudathon takes place on an old army training ground, so you can really see what you and your team are made of when you take on the gruelling 5K course. The obstacles come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and pose a fun variety of challenges which will get you working even your least-used muscles!


Take part in some extreme team building


If you attend the Paragon Mudathon in a team, you’ll be forming the kind of bond that’s even stronger than blood: mud. Working your way through the course with your colleagues, helping each other over, under and through the various obstacles, is a fantastic way to foster new work friendships and solidify existing ones.


Mud, sweat and tears


If you were wondering just how muddy the Paragon Mudathon really was, any images from last year’s event should give you an idea. A large part of what makes the event such a fun-filled day out is the sheer amount of mud you will be covered in by the end. After the first few obstacles you’ll have acclimatised to your new second layer of skin, and it’s great fun getting even muddier as the day goes on.


Amazing food, drink and music afterwards


As a reward for slogging your way through the 5K course, the Paragon Mudathon post-event entertainment is there for you. Featuring carefully curated food trucks for every taste, live music and a bar, it’s the perfect way to unwind after expending all that energy.


Raise money to end youth homelessness!


As LandAid is one of the Paragon Mudathon’s charity partners, the money you raise by taking part in the event will give invaluable help in our mission to end youth homelessness. There are 86,000 young people who are currently homeless in the UK, and by taking part in the Paragon Mudathon you will be helping in our mission to give them the support they need.


Sign up to this year’s Paragon Mudathon here.