Happy Birthday LandAid Ambassadors!

So 29th October 2015 marks 365 days since the launch of the LandAid Ambassador Programme whereby we asked the rising stars of property to help us increase awareness and fundraising for LandAid. I thought I’d write a blog to mark the occasion and use it to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped make this first year such a success.


I wasn’t sure how to start this blog so I did what I’m sure Jane Austin and J.R.R Tolkien would have done if they were around today and began with that good old muse, Google. As luck would have it the (online) Oxford Dictionary’s example of Ambassador fits perfectly with our programme:


s/he is a good ambassador for the industry


A year ago we set ourselves a target to have 100 Ambassadors by November 2015. Today we have almost double that. Representing over 70 companies, these 183 property professionals really are good Ambassadors for the industry.


Firmly on the career ladder, they could turn away from social issues, not get involved because it doesn’t concern them. But they don’t. So I want to say thank you Ambassadors. Thank you for volunteering to be part of something. Thank you for choosing to make a difference. Thank you for visiting LandAid projects and speaking to those young people who need support. Thank you for donating IT equipment, kitchen equipment, your professional expertise. Thank you for spending time volunteering at LandAid events and money on something that matters. Thank you for providing us with a platform on which to engage your colleagues. Thank you for organising quiz nights, raffles and sport fantasy leagues. Thank you for raising money and thank you for helping to change the lives of 6,767 young people across the UK.


And on a personal note, thank you for inspiring me to do my job. I have learnt more about property than just PRS and section 106. I have learnt that there is passion, dedication and enthusiasm for working together to help others and I’m glad that LandAid is here as a conduit to make this happen.


With the new mission being announced at your awards next month, I hope you’ll continue in your role as Ambassadors and work with us to achieve our goal. I see Ambassador-led events becoming as big as the LandAid Summer Run or TowerAthlon. I see hubs of activities championed by Ambassadors in cities like Leeds and Birmingham – all supporting local causes, joined nationally by the collective movement of the property industry.


You are the future leaders of the sector, the future trustees of LandAid. So whether you attended our first Induction Session in January when I was a bag of nerves, or whether you’ll be attending the next Induction Session in March to experience the expert version, I hope you feel proud to be part of this movement.


So Happy Birthday Ambassadors, have a Ferrero Rocher on me.


Nominate a LandAid Ambassador for an award here.