How Giroscope are turning empty houses into homes

One of the many amazing charity partners we work with is Giroscope in Hull.


As it is Empty Homes Week this week, we thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight the work Giroscope do in buying and renovating empty homes. Not only do they make the properties into usable accommodation, they also encourage volunteers and prospective tenants to help in the renovation project, giving them a greater sense of ownership of the property.


LandAid, Knight Frank and Property Race Day all helped to fund Giroscope’s ‘Hull Young Futures Project’ in West Hull, which sought to renovate five empty properties to provide emergency accommodation for 14 young people in severe housing need.


Some of these tenants helped out on the building work, gaining first-hand experience in construction and helping to turn a house into a home, just as Giroscope’s tagline says.


The project is a perfect example of what can be done about the staggering 205,000 empty homes in England alone. With their efforts, Giroscope are providing those in housing need with buildings which are in desperate need of tenants and renovation, while also helping many of the young people who will live in the properties to gain experience, work and a unique connection with their new home.


Giroscope frequently update their Twitter page with progress reports and photos of the amazing transformations they are carrying out on so many properties. Make sure to check them out and follow their progress here.


Some of our favourite examples are the before and after photo they shared of a garden of a property they’re renovating. We were also blown away by their progress pictures of their latest project, transforming a house which had been empty for over ten years.


Find out more about Giroscope and the amazing work they do here.


If this has inspired you, you can find out more about how your company can sponsor a home here.