LandAid and StreetSmart reveal £696,000 total raised to support people experiencing homelessness across the UK

Last night, supporters of the charities LandAid and StreetSmart gathered at Sessions Arts Club in Clerkenwell, London, to mark the result of the 2021 campaign which raised much needed funds for those experiencing homelessness across the UK.


The campaign saw 512 participating restaurants across the UK during last November and December adding a £1 voluntary donation to diners’ bills with all proceeds going to support local homelessness projects.‚ÄØ


In light of another challenging year for many across the property and hospitality industries, the generosity of restaurants and diners has been truly evident.


With a mission to end youth homelessness and through the support of the property industry, LandAid has had a committed partnership with StreetSmart for the last two years.


Therefore 100% of what is raised is able to help those most in need as the campaign costs are covered by LandAid.


This partnership is sadly more important than ever as statistics show an increase in homelessness with 122,000 young people approaching their local council in the last year for housing support.


Homelessness is complex and often misunderstood. It is not suffered through choice. All funds will contribute to achieving impactful social change, supporting charities who care for those most vulnerable, living on the streets and in unsuitable accommodation, local to the area of each participating restaurant.‚ÄØ‚ÄØ‚ÄØ


The campaign had the support of 56 Michelin starred restaurants including The River Café, St John, and Adams in Birmingham, with new participants for 2021 including Cornerstone, Solip and City Social.


Standout figures include Soho House Group, who raised £69,000 from £1 per table donations and MEATliquor, who raised over £30,000 which will be used in local communities.


In Bristol, Wilson’s restaurant contributed £2,000 to the cause including a lockdown sale of all their produce when they were forced to close early for Christmas.


Owner of Wilson’s, Jan Ostle said: ‘Unfortunately, homelessness is a very real issue in Bristol. We witness the problems associated with homelessness daily, right on our own doorstep. The discretionary £1 donation is a small contribution which can make a huge difference. We are so pleased to be able to support this cause and the incredible work that StreetSmart does.’


Alice Lamb, Deputy CEO at LandAid, said: ‘I am delighted at the total raised from the 2021 StreetSmart campaign. LandAid are proud of the special relationship that we have with StreetSmart, and it has been amazing to see such enthusiasm within the hospitality and property industries in supporting the campaign, particularly after some testing years. I thoroughly thank everyone who added that £1 to their bill. This small choice will create huge impact in helping support homelessness projects that bring both relief and security to those most vulnerable across the country.’‚ÄØ‚ÄØ