LandAid backs Jobs for the Jobless Generation campaign

LandAid is supporting an influential new campaign by charity partner Circle that aims to lobby companies to compete against each other to hire young unemployed candidates.


The campaign is fronted by a controversial video that highlights the negative stereotypes young people face and demonstrates that, contrary to popular perception, they are keen, committed and want to work.


Watch the video here:


Young candidates were secretly filmed being interviewed by an actor posing as a career advisor. He asks the unsuspecting interviewees to consider career choices such as getting pregnant in order to claim benefits or selling drugs.


Today, many young people’s career prospects are being quashed by the stereotype that they are lazy and disengaged. And whilst a good CV or a university education might go some way in challenging these preconceptions, what if life hasn’t given you those chances? That’s where Circle, backed by LandAid, steps in to help. Circle is an East London based charity and that specialises in training young unemployed people in a range of skills to help them get ready for work.


With the general election right around the corner, we think politicians should make Jobs for the Jobless Generation one of their key priorities.


In the meantime, you, the property industry can make a difference. Go to the Circle website, look through the candidates, watch their video CVs and then donate an opportunity. Whether it’s an interview, work experience or a job – you can help a young person begin their dream career. If you’re not in that position, why not tweet the head of an influential company and ask them to consider donating an opportunity.


LandAid thinks this is a great campaign and one for which the industry should do its bit, whether it’s a tweet, a share of the video or even a donation, because we have to remember that we are in a position to help fight discrimination.