New bill will help homeless single people and childless couples

On Friday, the Homelessness Reduction Bill, proposed by Bob Blackman MP, passed its second reading in Parliament – its first major hurdle.


LandAid is proud to support the Bill, which ensures that people facing homelessness who are not currently considered a ‘priority’, including single men and women and childless couples, will be given support from councils.


The Bill emphasises the importance of preventing homelessness before it occurs. It will allow people who are at risk of homelessness to apply for support 56 days in advance, rather than 28, and provide emergency accommodation for those who might otherwise end up on the streets.


This could be the most vital change to the law on homelessness in 40 years. With the right funding, it could be a big step forward in tackling youth homelessness.


CEO of LandAid, Paul Morrish, said: ‘No one – single, married or otherwise – should have to face the danger and uncertainty of homelessness, especially vulnerable young people. We are delighted this Bill has passed its second reading, as it will provide vital support to those who desperately need it to prevent them from ending up on the streets.


This Bill will put the impetus on Local Authorities to address the homelessness crisis, and highlights the opportunity for the property industry and councils to work together to instigate more social change’.