New day centre for young homeless people in South London to be created with LandAid funding

LandAid has announced a £100,000 grant for Depaul UK to help create a new day centre for young homeless people in South London. With youth homelessness on the rise, daytime support and shelter are urgently needed in the area.

The Endeavour Centre’ will provide a safe haven for 600 young people facing homelessness every year. They will be offered a range of activities to help build their confidence and self-esteem, including exercise, theatre and training in life skills.


The new youth centre will complement Depaul’s Nightstop’ service which provides beds for young people at a time of crisis. It will provide daytime support to get their lives back on track so they can look forward to a fulfilling future.


LandAid’s funding will support the refurbishment of all three floors of the existing Sherborne House to create the new Endeavour Centre. The ground and first floors will create a Safe Zone’ and Learning Zone’ for direct work with young people and the second floor will provide a Work Zone’ for the Depaul UK staff.


Property Race Day was the major contributor to the LandAid Grant, raising £67,500 of the £100,000 provided to Depaul UK.


LandAid CEO Paul Morrish said: ‘The Endeavour Centre is vital to giving young people with difficult pasts a much brighter future. The skills they learn and the opportunities they receive will boost their confidence and resilience, making them more capable of living independently. We’re very proud to fund this project which will help ensure more young people never have to face homelessness again.’


Depaul UK CEO Martin Houghton-Brown said: ‘We are delighted to have received £100,000 from LandAid towards the cost of Depaul’s Endeavour Centre at Sherborne House, London. Thanks to your wonderful support, young people in London will have a safe place where they can find help when facing the horrors of homelessness.


The Endeavour Centre will be London’s first line of urgent help when a young person faces a night without shelter. This donation will also ensure that this central London hub can be a centre for turning around the fortunes of those stuck in homelessness already, providing training, education and support for the traumatised to help rebuild their future. Thank you for investing in their future.’