New social media guide to help charities use social media more effectively

With the world becoming increasingly virtual, it is more important than ever to make sure that charities have the tools to make the most out of their social media channels. Investing in social media will not only raise awareness, but will also make it easier for the organisations to reach out to potential donors, giving more resource to help those in need.


And that’s where Portland’s new Social Media Guidance for Charities’ comes in. Thirty-four pages of top tips to help charities with little or no dedicated comms resource, to really make the most of their social channels.


Covid-19 has significantly impacted the services and fundraising efforts of many charities across the UK. Given the significant decrease in income being reported by UK charities during lockdown, this guide will help charities across the UK generate more engagement across social whilst keeping overheads low.


The guide was produced by Portland, as part of LandAid pro bono programme.


If you have any questions about the guide, please get in touch with the LandAid Comms team here.


Kate Honey, a Consultant at Portland Communications says: ‘The difficulties faced by charities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic have been unprecedented and the Portland team has been glad to support Land Aid by developing this easy-to-use social media toolkit. By following these steps, charities with limited funding and resources will able to increase their presence on digital platforms, post engaging and inspiring content and build a stronger base of donors and volunteers.


We look forward to continuing our work with Land Aid via the pro-bono advisory panel, and supporting charities both in the property sector and beyond however we can.’


About Portland


Portland Communications is a global communications agency supporting clients including McDonald’s, Uber, and Netflix across corporate communications and public affairs. Portland’s built environment practice works with leading property developers and landowners to deliver consultation and stakeholder engagement programmes across high profile housing and regeneration schemes.


Check out Portland’s new Social Media Guidance for Charities’, with plenty of tips and advice on maximising your social media here.