Nine new projects to create 87 bed spaces for young people who are homeless

Charities make a bigger difference when they work together. In August, we launched a new grants round for charities across the UK. By working with these charities, we can fund and support a wide range of projects that are providing safe and secure accommodation for young people facing homelessness.


We’re thrilled to announce the first nine of these projects from our new grants round. From Carlisle to Cornwall, these projects will provide young people with a safe place to live and the chance to build a brighter future. Read more about them in the list below and follow the links to learn more:


Carlisle Key: £31,604 is helping renovate and convert a former vicarage into a 12-bed hostel, as well as a drop-in centre to expand support to young people in the local area.


Centrepoint: £51,042 is supporting the renovation of four two-bed houses to provide accommodation, education and training for young people.


Contact Hostel: £1,608 is renovating a seven-bed hostel, by upgrading the hot water system, giving young people a warm and modern place to live.


Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale: £48,000 is helping convert empty properties into two two-bed flats for the council’s young care leavers.


YMCA Cornwall: £60,000 will help convert a sports hall into a 14 one-bed flats for young people who have experienced family breakdown, violence and social exclusion.


Somerset Care and Repair: £60,000 will support the creation of three one-bed modular homes for young people, which will help address local housing demand quickly and efficiently.


Nottinghamshire YMCA: £51,600 will help renovate an existing 19-bed hostel, along with a three-bed house on the same site, to create safe accommodation for young people.


YMCA Norfolk: £24,000 will help renovate and convert a large run-down house into shared flats, providing 14 bed spaces for young people to move on to when they leave hostel accommodation.


St Christopher’s Fellowship: £36,000 will help convert an empty house into three one-bed flats for young care leavers, helping them become more independent while staying close to their support network.


With the help of the property industry, we can keep rebuilding the lives of young people who’ve been homeless. These nine projects are just the start of our mission to provide 450 bed spaces for young people across the UK in the next three years. Watch out for more projects coming soon!


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