Property and networking: A match made in heaven

Property and networking. Like fish and chips, rock ‘n’ roll and Ant and Dec, the two go hand in hand. The sheer number of networking events hosted by the property sector each year – whether on a yacht in Cannes, at a piste-side restaurant in the Alps, or simply in an old fashioned pub here in London – highlights this perfect match.


And so yesterday evening, colleagues from across the property industry gathered at Legal and General’s city HQ to celebrate LandAid’s newest network: the Ambassadors.


The Ambassador Programme was designed to increase awareness of and fundraising for LandAid within the sector whilst also creating a network of the industry’s rising stars. Since its launch last October, the scheme has recruited 123 enthusiastic Ambassadors from 52 companies in London, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham.


As over 100 young guns and senior figures from every part of the property world rubbed shoulders at yesterday’s reception, the power of the network was tangible.


Guests were treated to a Networking 101 courtesy of LandAid Chairman Liz Peace whose top tips for working the room included turning up to the right event(!), placing yourself near the bar, introducing yourself to the host and always looking interested (even when the conversation has turned to the properties of concrete).


Paul Morrish, Chief Executive of LandAid, spoke of the impact that 123 certified LandAid Ambassadors will have on the growth of the charity. And Paul’s 5 year old daughter’s top networking tip? Rather than badgering the dinner lady for an extra pudding, find out how you can help the dinner lady’ in your network, and the pudding’ will surely follow.


Katherine Laurenson, Director and Head of Legal at Legal and General, spoke of the company’s commitment to LandAid and its championing of the sector’s future leaders.


Guests were then invited to enter a competition to win a bottle of champagne, by answering the question If you were given £500, how would you use the power of the network to turn it into £5,000?’. Answers included auctioning off a date with Phil Spencer of Location, Location, Location’ and challenging colleagues to a jailbreak – £50 and 24 hours to get as far from the office as possible’. However the winning answer came from Liz Peckett and Lorna O’Neill of Cushman & Wakefield whose idea to run a pop-up cinema and street food festival in a vacant commercial space won over the judges. Property goes to the Movies? Watch this space…


As the relationship between property and networking continues to blossom, we’ll be on the look out for more dynamic networkers to fly the flag for LandAid. And who knows? Perhaps there’s room for a third party in that relationship. Property, networking and LandAid: the perfect combination?


We’re on the look out for more budding Ambassadors. Find out more or sign up by emailing And check out all the pictures from the party here.