Self care – giving young people access to vital support with My Online Therapy

Over a third of young homeless people accessing homelessness services have a diagnosed mental health problem. But, just like us, thousands more live day to day with anxiety and depression. And, also just like us, all of this has gotten so much worse over the last year and a half.


But, accessing mental health support can be practically impossible for young people who are homeless – long waiting lists, difficulty advocating for their own needs and the prohibitive cost of private therapy, means that lots of young people are having to struggle alone.


And that’s why this World Mental Health Day on 10th October each year we partnered with My Online Therapy to give young people access to their new online tool Self Care.


Self Care is a new online tool by My Online Therapy that provides bite-sized therapy and coaching which can be accessed on demand – giving users some vital tools for managing their mental health.


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