Smash your fundraising! Sheila’s How To Guide


There is only a couple days to until Steptober fortnight begins!


Whilst we are so excited to have so many of you joining the competition and getting your steps in, it is important to remember why. Across the country, thousands of young, homeless, and vulnerable people still need a roof over their head.


That is why we’re asking you each to raise £50 towards ending youth homelessness. To help you on your way, we are sharing a fundraising journey from past top fundraiser, Sheila:


Sheila signed up for one of our events a couple of years ago and SMASHED her target. I think we all want to be a little more Sheila.


How did she do this? Well…


1. Sheila personalised her fundraising page: she set a wacky profile photo, updated her story with her personal reasons for fundraising to end youth homelessness and set a target on her page. She also self-donated to get the ball rolling!


2. She shared her fundraising page with all of her contacts, friends and family and on social media– even on her short-haired corgi, Bruno’s, Instagram account! She also wrote about her personal challenges to garner more support!


3. Crucially, Sheila got creative. She shared some impressive photo updates from her walks and runs with Bruno, she and her team followed through on requests to draw their company logo shape on their Strava maps, and they even hosted a quiz in return for a donation!


4. Last but certainly not least, she tirelessly shared LandAid’s mission. People felt much more inclined to sponsor her when they knew where their money was going- so she shared our mission to end youth homelessness and help vulnerable young people far and wide. Plenty of information about our work with our wonderful charity partners up and down the country can be found here.


If you have any questions about Sheila’s or your own fundraising, remember the LandAid team are here to help with expert advice. We would be happy to hear from you at