St Basil’s Youth Voice launches podcast to ensure young people who have experienced homelessness have their voices heard

Youth voice is a project within St Basils, funded by LandAid, where a group of young people share their lived experiences of homelessness to bring about change.

The reasons why homelessness happens are complex and many.  Far too often, the voices of those who have experienced it are lost.  The members of youth voice want to change that.  This podcast is an opportunity to hear those voices and understand the true nature of the issues that young people who have experienced homelessness face.

I wanted to record this podcast as I wanted to share my experience of homelessness and let others know who are facing it that they aren’t alone. I want people who may never face this to understand how this happens and to, I hope, influence those who can support to ensure others don’t have to go through it.
Abbey, Youth voice member
The podcast for me is to educate. Not only the young people are living in lodges but anyone who listens. Each of us have all had different experiences in life and this podcast allows not only us as a collective to learn about each other, but to help each other too. I hope this helps people who listen to see things from a different perspective.
Aaliyah, Youth voice member
You can listen to the first two podcasts now, which are an introduction to why they are doing this podcast and also their thoughts on Pride.  The next episode on mental health will be released on 28 July.
The podcast is available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Podcasts now.  Just search for Youth Voice – Speak up for change.