The 10 best moments from last year’s TowerAthlon

LandAid’s most extreme challenge is just around the corner. As the daredevils and fundraising heroes get ready for the return of TowerAthlon, let’s take a look back on last year’s highlights.


1. Fancy dress reaching a whole new level


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman abseiling down one of London’s tallest skyscrapers! Property go-getters took on the TowerAthlon in style last year, with teams ranging from Hobs Studio’s Superman, Batman and Robin trio to Bilfinger GVA’s Three Musketeers. We even had an appearance from Mary Poppins and a couple of chimney sweeps, courtesy of Mace. Maybe not the most practical outfits to sprint up or scale down Broadgate Tower in, but they caught everyone’s eye while doing so.


2. Winners’ trophy going 3D


Hobs Studio kindly produced the winners’ trophy last year, putting their own unique spin on it by creating a stunning, three-dimensional model of Broadgate Tower. Hobs are generously providing a similar trophy for this year’s winners, along with a tour of their studios including the UK’s biggest 3D printer and a virtual reality experience.


3. Bilfinger GVA winning it all – again!


Can anyone beat them? Bilfinger GVA’s team, The Bilfinger Boys Return, snapped up the winners’ trophy for a second year running, storming to victory in both the sprint and cycle events. Cushman & Wakefield came in second and JLL took the bronze.


4. A new Tower Run record


Bilfinger GVA’s Nathan Pask smashed last year’s Tower Run record as well, dashing up 33 floors – that’s 877 stairs – in just 4 minutes 39 seconds!


5. Abseilers crashing meetings


Nothing quite livens up a meeting than seeing someone suddenly swing by your window on the 25th floor. As our abseilers steeled their nerves for their steep descent, they weren’t prepared for the surprise they gave the people on the other side of the glass! They certainly got a cheer though as they headed down to the bottom.


6. LandAid’s questionable taste in music


In a throw-back to the good old days’, LandAid fundraiser and resident DJ Robyn Phillips spun a playlist of eighties classics in an attempt to spur on our cyclists. Aerosmith’s Dude looks like a Lady, Michael Jackson’s Bad and Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger all featured in the retro set. Robyn and the playlist will be back again this year.


7. Cyclists working up a sweat


We knew it wouldn’t be a ride in the park, but we didn’t realise quite how exhausting 10 minutes of solid sprinting on a gym bike would be. Cue dozens of drenched cyclists sprawled out in front of Broadgate’s Pret a Manger. If that’s not deserving of a pain au chocolat, we don’t know what is.


8. Grosvenor showing their fundraising prowess


Two teams from Grosvenor, including Craig McWilliam, Executive Director and one of our trustees, stood out as TowerAthlon’s biggest fundraisers. Between them, they raised £13,500 for their efforts – an incredible performance.


9. Surprise artist stopping by


TowerAthlon unexpectedly provided artistic inspiration for one passer-by. Jon Willcocks, a creative design consultant, happened to be walking past Broadgate Tower and was so impressed that he took time out of his day to create a fantastic illustration of the day’s events.


10. Our best ever fundraising total


The biggest highlight was of course the fantastic fundraising achievement by all our TowerAthlon participants. Over £50,000 was raised for LandAid and the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors Training Trust. A huge thank you to everyone who took on the tower in 2015 for these two amazing causes.


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