The 10 best moments from last year’s TowerAthlon

Last year’s TowerAthlon had it all: thunderstorms, celebrity chefs and more sweat than you could shake a bucket at! With just five weeks to go until this epic endurance event returns, we thought we’d look back on the highlights of the 2014 challenge.


1. David Spider-Mann


David Mann became Peter Parker for the day, donning a Spidey suit for his assault of the Broadgate Tower. The Tuffin Ferraby Taylor superhero was not to be outdone by fellow Worshipful Company compatriote Simon Camomile however, who donned a full evening suit for the occasion and descended the 500 ft tower whilst reading the Telegraph.


2. Bilfinger GVA winning EVERYTHING


The Bilfinger Boys cleaned up in ruthless fashion, winning all three of the timed events. Cyclist Rupert Parker notched up an unbeatable 10.3km in the 10-minute bike sprint (the equivalent of cycling from Broadgate to Leicester Square and back again) whilst runner Nathan Pask reached the top of the 877 stairs in a breathless 4 minutes 44 seconds.


3. Cyclists working up a sweat


We knew it wouldn’t be a ride in the park, but we didn’t realise quite how exhausting 10 minutes of solid sprinting on a gym bike would be. Cue dozens of drenched cyclists sprawled out in front of Broadgate’s Pret a Manger. If that’s not deserving of a pain au chocolat, we don’t know what is.


4. The heavens opening


As if dangling off London’s 12th tallest skyscraper on a rope wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, a handful of our abseilers had to make the drop amidst torrential rain when a thunderstorm erupted mid-descent. Fortunately the rain only stopped play for half an hour, and those who had waited out the weather were rewarded with the sight of a spectacular rainbow.


5. LandAid’s questionable taste in music


In a throw-back to the good old days’, LandAid fundraiser and resident DJ Robyn Phillips spun a playlist of eighties classics in an attempt to spur on our cyclists. Aerosmith’s Dude looks like a Lady, Michael Jackson’s Bad and Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger all featured in the retro set. Robyn and the playlist will be back for 2015.


6. Gino D’Acampo’s cameo


The Italian celebrity chef took a break from launching his new Broadgate pasta bar in order for a quick photo shoot with our Towerathletes. Fingers crossed for a Jamie Oliver appearance this year!


7. Damian Wild Cam


Estates Gazette editor Damian Wild gave a first-hand account of just how gruelling running 39 floors up a window-less fire escape can be. In true shaky camera style, reminiscent of 1999’s Blair Witch Project, here’s the footage from his Go-Pro – expect plenty of heavy breathing!


8. The mellow Mile Enders


The Mile End Climbing instructors brought with them an air of relaxation as they unfurled ropes, clipped karabiners and steadied the nerves of all those going over the edge.


9. A sea of Savills


Super sponsor Savills decked out the Broadgate circus with yellow branded cubes, yellow goody bags and bananas to match. Savills will be out in force again this year bringing sunshine to the plaza and helping to make the TowerAthlon a success.


10. £50,000 raised!


The biggest highlight of all however, was the £50,000 raised for LandAid and the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors Training Trust. A huge thank you to everyone who took on the tower in 2014 for these two fantastic causes!


Team places for the 2015 London TowerAthlon are now sold out. Individual Tower Run places can be purchased here.