There’s still time to make your meals count with StreetSmart this December

Christmas is fast approaching, and the December celebratory drinks, meals and parties are beginning to fill up the calendar.


With festivities taking centre stage, it can mean that the many young people, for whom this time of year is filled with uncertainty and worry, are overlooked.


Sadly, there is an ever-growing number of young people facing homelessness this winter. Last year, over 121,000 16-24-year olds were homeless or at risk of homelessness in the UK. Not having a safe and secure place to call home is a terrifying position to be in.


But by eating out at a StreetSmart restaurant this winter, you can help to change this!


Since its foundation, StreetSmart has raised over £10 million. Over 50 homelessness charities now benefit each year, funding services like housing advice, the creation of bed spaces, plus training and job support.


Together, StreetSmart and LandAid understand the importance of providing accommodation to young people. Giving them, this first step out of homelessness means that their fear can be alleviated, even temporarily, and they can start to work towards a brighter future.


Young people like Nazarene, aged 25, have been lifted by StreetSmart support. Funds were granted to London based charity, Beam, who gave Nazarene a fresh start.


‘My living situation for the past six months was hectic and intense. I was staying with various friends and family, sleeping on their sofas, and not having any stability. It feels amazing to now have a room of my own. I feel happy, calm and at peace. I really like the space and can’t believe this whole room is mine!’


With the campaign running until the end of December, there is still time to make your meals count!

A list of participating restaurants can be found here – and filtered by location.