Transactional giving – a new way your company can end youth homelessness

Transactional giving is an exciting new way for your company to partner with LandAid to help end youth homelessness. This month, LandAid confirmed two new Foundation Partners, who are also our first partners to support LandAid through transactional giving: NestEast and VU, cITY.


How does transactional giving work? Well, the beauty of transactional giving is that it can be adapted to suit your business model. But simply put, it means that each time your company makes a particular business transaction, it also makes an agreed donation to LandAid.


The benefits of transactional giving



    • It allows you to align your CSR strategy with your business growth


    • By coordinating your donations with successful business transactions, your company can make donations when it’s most financially suitable


    • It’s exciting for you and your clients – their purchase leads to a donation to LandAid!


    • It’s flexible, allowing your company to donate on a monthly or quarterly basis with an amount that is appropriate for you



Transactional giving is an innovative fundraising approach for LandAid and we’re excited to see the opportunities it provides for new companies to support our mission! Both NestEast and VU, cITY are committed to raising £10,000 this year to ensure they are supporting LandAid as Foundation Partners. Here’s how transactional giving is working for their business:




VU, cITY has created the largest and most accurate truly interactive digital city model, continuously updated to provide a revolutionary tool for architects, developers, advisors and the public sector. Users can import their own 3D model into VU, cITY to immediately place their proposals in context – and support for LandAid is at the heart of this. For each model submitted, VU, cITY donates £50 to LandAid and, since launching in spring this year, is already on its way to hitting its £10,000 target, having raised over £3,500 for LandAid.


Amy Hazlehurst, Product Custodian at VU, cITY says: ‘As a new company, we are ever keen to ensure we have a social focus in mind, and doing so with LandAid through transactional giving has been a real pleasure. We love that the harder we work, the more we grow, the more we can help the future generation who are as of yet failing to be supported.


“The LandAid team are fantastic, and the work they do is an absolute requirement in the times we live in. I fully endorse other companies engaging in a similar manner, pegging your donations to the success of your own undertakings.’




NestEast is a boutique development company creating interior-styled urban homes in and around East London. Started in 2005 by a passionate group of property enthusiasts (pictured above), NestEast restore derelict properties, creating amazing spaces to work and live. The NestEast team are excited to start their journey of supporting LandAid and will be making a £500 donation for every unit sold this year.


Zuzie Poskitt, Director at NestEast says:‘I have always been involved in the charity world and have closely followed LandAid’s projects and achievements over the years. We have a shared passion to offer more opportunities to youths and eliminate the less than adequate living conditions that so many young people are living in.


“I am so pleased NestEast is able to collaborate with LandAid and contribute to their worthwhile initiatives. Donating by way of transactional giving enables us to give a substantial amount over a set period, at times which are most suited to our finances.’


Transactional giving allows companies to support LandAid in a way that suits them. At LandAid, we’re excited to be a part of your business as it grows and hope that by promoting this way of giving, we can continue to bring the property industry together to end youth homelessness.


To find out how you can support LandAid through transactional giving, please contact Tom Ah-Thew, Corporate Partnerships Manager.