Wellbeing – how LandAid Day and Steptober can help us look after ourselves

Throughout October, we’ve seen over 500 property professionals across the UK stomping away, vying to log the highest step count they can manage, and win one of the many trophies up for grabs. Competition has been fierce, and you’ve already walked around the earth more than twice – taking over 100,000,000 steps between you!


But Steptober isn’t just about competition. It has also been to encourage us all to step away from our desks at lunch, to walk instead of jumping on the tube, to improve our day-to-day wellbeing. Which doesn’t just mean exercise, it means healthy-eating, a good work life-balance. And all of these things help to improve our mental and physical health.


And that’s why the theme for this year’s LandAid Day is wellbeing.


We, at LandAid, are always flabbergasted by the creativeness and enthusiasm of our supporters. Each year going bigger and better to help those less fortunate than us and to provide accommodation for young homeless people across the country.


This year over 86,000 young people will experience homelessness. Without the safety and security of a stable job, a secure home which they can afford to live in and the support network of a family, many young people’s wellbeing suffers. Homeless people are twice as likely to suffer from a mental health problem and nine times more likely to commit suicide than the general population. Staggering statistics.


But statistics that we can help change.


By looking after our own wellbeing this month – by stepping up for LandAid by taking part in Steptober and LandAid Day, you will be raising money to help these young people. Giving them not just a home but the stability they need to be happy, healthy, and have a positive future.


I can’t wait to hear all the wacky and wonderful ways our amazing supporters will be raising money and awareness for LandAid, while also keeping the focus on wellbeing. If you need some inspiration take a look at our Fundraising Toolkit.


And don’t forget to let us know what you’re up to so we can come visit you. You can do this by emailing Freya Cartwright.