We’ve rebranded!


As a charity, LandAid is growing


We’re about to launch our next, really ambitious three-year strategy to deliver 1,000 homes for young people who are homeless. We will also aim to grow our pro bono programme so we are delivering the value of £1m every year by 2024.


It’s a big step up from where we were four years ago and a big evolution. Over the last year we’ve been looking at how our brand can work harder for us, and help us to achieve these ambitions. That’s why we’re rebranding today.


Our new brand will bring you closer to the young lives that you are changing. Bringing their, and your stories, to the front. And we’re so excited to share it with you.


We’re still LandAid. But a better, more mature and thoughtful one.


But we wouldn’t have got here without the support of Siren Design, who for the last year and a half has been supporting us on a pro bono basis. So a huge to thanks to Scott, Rod, Si, Matt and the rest of the team over at Siren Design.


They helped launch our emergency appeal in a matter of days last April, put together the new look for our virtual events and helped us hone our new look. Thank you.


We hope you like our new brand. Any questions, get in touch with Emily or Nat from the comms team and we’ll be happy to answer them.