What to expect at the Tour de LandAid

LandAid has put together an all you need to know guide for you to compete in the property cycling challenge of the summer.

What is Tour de LandAid?

Tour de LandAid is a virtual cycling event, where teams of 6 cycle as far as possible. Everyone that signs up will get a yellow Tour de LandAid cycling jersey. It takes place at the same time as the Tour de France to help all the riders go above and beyond.

We’re delighted to have Carter Jonas on board for this years event as our Headline Sponsor as a result we’re hoping for the event to be bigger than ever!

How far will I be cycling?

We set the challenge to equal or beat the daily distance of the Tour de France, as a team. So for example on Day 1 if the distance of the stage is 150km, each rider could aim to complete 25km each. However you could mix up the tactics and for certain riders to take on more of the cycling on certain days. It might also be that you catch up (or try to get ahead) by doing more cycling at weekends, when you have a bit more time to do it.

Is it a competition?

Of course – there’s lots of lovely, friendly competition. There are 6 leaderboards to compete on which are the following:

Green Jersey – Top Individual Fundraiser and Top Fundraising Team
Orange Jersey sponsored by Hollis – Individual with the longest time spent in saddle – you might not be the quickest, but your definitely the most dedicated!
Yellow Jersey sponsored by Trident BC – The team with the furthest distance
Pink Jersey – The individual with the furthest distance
White Jersey – Young jersey – for the bets rider under 35
Silver Jersey – For the best rider over 50
Each jersey winner will receive a bespoke coloured jersey in the post.

What else can I expect?

There’s a launch event in Regents Park on Thursday 30 June – which everyone is welcome to join – you can find out more about the event here.

We’re also just finalising details of a Cycling Day towards the end of the event – once we have more info on this, we’ll share it with you. And finally there’ll be some spot challenges throughout the event, to earn bonus points which – bonus kilometres!

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