Young people deserve to dream

This year has been especially challenging for young homeless people.


Many have struggled with redundancies, social isolation and anxiety. This has not stopped young people looking towards the future, on their hopes, dreams and aspirations.


Young homeless people’s access to opportunities can shape their lives and ambitions. For many of the young people at Youth Voice – their aspirations are very simple. To graduate from university and find their dream job, to have a family and ultimately, to be happy.


It is essential that the young homeless people at St. Basils Youth Voice, and across the country, have access to the resources they need, and deserve, to allow them to be the best versions of themselves. These are opportunities that many of us may have taken for granted, but for a young person who has been made homeless, access to these opportunities may be few or far between.


Every young person deserves the chance to dream. This Christmas, we want to help young people through end of this year, and beyond.


Together, we can end youth homelessness and support young people to achieve their dreams.


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*This video was made by Marvin, who features and is a member of Youth Voice.