Aberdeen Foyer – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Aberdeen Foyer supports people towards independent living, learning and work. Working with over 1,600 people each year Aberdeen Foyer starts with people’s strengths, supporting them to build confidence, develop talents and make real and lasting change in their lives.

Cost of the project



Aberdeen, UK

For young people living without family support, the pandemic was a confusing and scary time. Many tenants of Aberdeen Foyer had extremely poor mental health and staff were doing the best they could to care for their residents.

Phase 1

LandAid’s £9,810 grant funded 200 one-to-one counselling and wellbeing sessions and provided Wi-Fi dongles to keep tenants connected where there was no access to Wi-Fi.

Phase 2

This £7,912 phase two grant enabled Aberdeen Foyer to adapt its delivery space to maximise safety. This involved installing freestanding plexiglass and plexiglass desk dividers and mobile screens, installing hand sanitiser stations at the entrance and throughout all delivery sites, and clearly marked floor space. Short induction videos were created, and all sites were installed with a series of infographics designed with young people in mind. A small smoking shelter was removed to eliminate unsupervised crowding and create a second entry/exit point to further enable physical distancing.

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