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Bythesea Lodge, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 8HR, UK

Situated in the centre of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, Bythesea Lodge’s close proximity to the job centre, public transport and local college provides a wealth of training and job opportunities. This centre is for young people who are ready to find work but who need some support whilst they prepare for and settle into the work environment.

Up to 30 young people stay at Bythesea Lodge at any one time where they gain the skills and confidence to find work and move on to independent living. While taking part in the Amber programme they help with community projects, attend the local college to gain specific qualifications, some also undertake a work placement with a local company.

Each young person that comes to Amber has a tailored support plan based around their needs and aspirations. As part of the programme of support we have ensured that there are opportunities for development particularly aimed at those with no formal qualifications and in need of training.

There are 4 key themes that are central to our approach:

  • Employability: advice on CV writing, interview skills, finding work experience.
  • Health and wellbeing: dealing with any medical issues, nutrition advice, sport and exercise, counselling.
  • Independent living: life skills such as cooking, cleaning, tenancy and financial management, as well as helping to look for accommodation / jobs.
  • Personal development: provision of new experiences, creative projects involving art and music, volunteering in the local area designed to build confidence.

Outcomes In 2022

Amber has supported 142 young people, with 72% moving on successfully into safe and stable accommodation, education and/or employment.

In addition, while at Amber:

  • 81% improved their social networks and gained positive new relationships.
  • 78% reported feeling more motivated and ready to take on more responsibilities.
  • 70% reported feeling empowered to use their time more meaningfully.
  • 70% reported feeling more confident in managing their tenancy and accommodation and improved life skills.
  • 66% improved their self-care, emotional, mental and physical health.