Until All Londoners Have A Base

Our mission is to prevent and resolve homelessness for one of the most disadvantaged groups in London, those between 18-24 and on a low income.

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London, UK

Boost Up provides a tailored package of support in order to get young people into good quality accommodation that would otherwise have been out of their reach.

They’re vision is a City in which young homeless Londoners have the means of getting off the streets within 24 hours, the support necessary to obtain long term accommodation within a month, and the guidance necessary to build their self-reliance and recognise their agency. Boost Up do this by,

• Providing a time limited rental subsidy to cover the shortfall between the market rate, giving the young person in a tenancy the time to get into work and afford the rent themselves.
• Access to rent in advance/deposit for those who have found a property but cannot afford it.
• Support for those in accommodation with temporary rental shortfalls and facing eviction.
• A short term ‘Independence Payment’ for those on a very low income

My name is Sarah, and before getting into contact with Boost up I had experienced 2 months of being unemployed, this meant that I had to rely on my savings and overdraft to pay my rent bills whilst I continued to search for a new job. At the end of November I was lucky enough to find employment in a great field however due to the inner workings of my new employer despite my new job I was only going to be paid £300 on my first payday. It was at this point that my current tenancy was ending and I was spiralling further into debt. I found Boost Up whilst desperately searching for help online. They were reactive and understanding and saved me from homelessness when they offered to pay my first month's rent and deposit for a room I had managed to find on spare room. They patiently walked me through every step of renting my new place do everything they could to make sure my landlord and rental agency were up to code. Within days I was able to sign a rental agreement and release myself from the all-consuming fear of homelessness. With Boost Up's help, I’ve now been able to focus my energy on my job. My mentors and managers have praised me for the improvement in my work and an overall increase in enthusiasm. Little do they know that this improvement is not just because of my hard work but because of the life-changing support boost up has given me. I will eternally be grateful.