Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

BHT is a charity and registered social landlord working with people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness and/or have complex needs. Its mission is: ‘combating homelessness, creating opportunities, promoting change’. It delivers diverse services in Brighton and Hove and across West and East Sussex, including: residential rehabilitation, high support hostels, day centre provision, mental health services, specialist housing and legal advice, residential provision for young people at risk of homelessness and young care leavers, and training and employment initiatives.

Cost of the project



Brighton, UK

Due to the social issues experienced by BHT’S service users, they were at an increased risk of COVID-19 and the impact of isolation. The loneliness caused by isolation was exacerbated by poor mental health, poor physical health, an absence of social networks and often no family members.

Phase 1

LandAid’s £8,660 grant provided equipment and activities to help its clients look after themselves and help their self-esteem. For example, personal care items such as toiletries, fresh towels and comfortable clothes. This grant also helped its service users combat loneliness by providing mobile phones and top up credit. Activities such as puzzles and gardening equipment motivated and encouraged their residents to be creative and support their mental health.

Phase 2

This £7,000 phase two grant enabled BHT to update its IT at Hastings Young People’s Service (HYPS) to ensure its young clients are able to fully access all digital services and opportunities available to them to support their journey. It also enabled clients to access confidentially online counselling and support sessions. WiFi was upgraded in four properties, as well as the provision of eight tablets for the properties, a colour printer, and voice recognition software to support clients with dyslexia.

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