Concrete Rose-Safe Space Grant

Through a network of hosts we provide nurturing supported lodgings placements for young people (16-23) through our ‘Room to spare’ initiative

Cost of the project



Cambridge, UK

Concrete Rose has been established in response to the local needs of the most marginalised young people (including those in and leaving care, those at risk of homelessness, and those from troubled family backgrounds) and particularly the requirement for high-quality, trauma-informed, supported accommodation.

Our ‘Room to spare’ initiative recruits, trains and support individuals, couples and families to offer supported lodgings to young people (16-23) who are leaving home or care and require extra guidance. Hosts provide a bedroom, a safe environment and love, tolerance, support and guidance to a young person but they are expected to continue with their own daily routines including working, socialising, hobbies, holidays and weekends away etc.

For many young people in the UK, and especially for care leavers and those without family support networks (including unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC)), the transition to adulthood can be a time of fear, insecurity, and increased vulnerability. This is accentuated by a lack of high-quality, supportive, semi-independent accommodation with significant, and detrimental, implications for young people.

The LandAid funding would exclusively be used to grow the supported lodgings initiative and directed towards: Staff time–associated with programme oversight, the promotion of the scheme and the recruitment and ‘onboarding’ of new hosts.