Crossroads Derbyshire – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Crossroads Derbyshire is a rural domestic abuse service based in the High Peak. It works with over 750 individuals each year to help them to escape domestic abuse and to build a safe future for themselves and their families. It was founded in 1979 and now supports women, men and children across the whole of the High Peak and Derbyshire Dales.

Cost of the project



Derbyshire, UK

As a result of COVID-19 victims of domestic abuse were more at risk than ever. Crossroads Derbyshire saw a rise in self-referrals and referrals from the police, with 40% more referrals than last year. Many of the families it supports had no local network of friends and family and were self-isolating with children, with no access to food or medicines.

Phase 1

LandAid’s £8,908 grant supported families move into their own properties. In particular, Crossroads Derbyshire has worked with the local council to secure a property for one family. These funds also provided items such as a cooker and beds for this property as well as cover additional staff hours to support young women who have moved into their own tenancies during lockdown.

Phase 2

A £4,283 phase two grant enabled Crossroads Derbyshire to supply five laptops and four mobile phones for new workers. Secondly, in August there was security breach at the refuge for young women and their families, exacerbated by the impact of Covid-19 restrictions. Extra funding enabled Crossroads to make repairs and improvements to the windows, doors and a gate.

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