Giroscope – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Giroscope is a housing project based in west Hull. It believes that everyone is entitled to somewhere to call their home, everyone should have access to meaningful work. No one should feel isolated from their community due to poverty, homelessness or prejudice.

Cost of the project



Hull, UK

COVID-19 had a huge impact on Giroscope’s community. Its residents were experiencing stress and anxiety due to the pandemic, and were finding it difficult to remain resilient as this is not a situation they ever experienced before and therefore did not have the skills to cope with it. 

LandAid’s £8,318 grant delivered emergency support provision for their young people. This included food parcels, toiletries and counselling sessions. These funds also covered the cost of internet connection for two 4 bed LandAid properties and an additional property for a young person in need of accommodation.

About Giroscope