Greater Change – Move On Grant

Greater Change support more young people to move on across the South East and North, by providing flexible funding that supports their aspirations. They support people experiencing homelessness overcome initial financial barriers to exit the homeless pathway and help them move into their own homes. This includes paying for things such as rent arrears, deposits and vital furnishings.

Cost of the project



South East, UK

Greater Change enterprise partners with existing charities who work closely with support workers who are are informed about their service to offer grants that help people out of homelessness.

When someone working alongside a support worker that is linked with one of their charity partners, they are able to offer them a financial boost to overcome homelessness by referring them to this Greater Change .  The person decides exactly what they need in order to leave homelessness behind for good and works with their support worker on deciding what this will cost.

This grant from LandAid will ensure that many young people in London and South East England who are trapped in temporary accommodation will be able to access crucial financial aid to move on to a more secure long-term home. This means it will also free up the temporary accommodation space that was previously occupied. In addition, funding will also support young people who need assistance with travel when starting new employment and are yet to get paid and clothes for job interviews to encourage indepedance.

Oftentimes, partners come to us when they have exhausted all other options within local services. Because we offer flexible and personalised funding we are able to help in a range of different situations.
Greater Change