Hope into Action- Capital Grant

Hope into Action provides a unique form of supported housing which brings together investors who purchase property and local churches who provide key volunteers in the local community.

Cost of the project



Peterborough, UK

HiA believe everyone has the right to a home and churches have the power to help with the issue of homelessness in their community. Therefore they provide homes for the most vulnerable in society in partnership with local churches.

This project will enable HiA to create 30 additional spaces in 13 houses (7 house sin Peterborough, 2 in Norwich, 2 in Nottingham and 2 in Black Country) exclusively for young people to be refurbished and brought to standard.

The 30 bedspaces will be provided to young people with diverse and challenging backgrounds in an inclusive environment, where they will feel safer, have improved wellbeing, find better connection within the community and be able to move on to permanent living empowered to beat the cycle of homelessness.