Hope Into Action – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Hope Into Action’s aim is for people to move on to live independently in the community. It addressed skills to maintain tenancy, improve relationships, reduce crime and re-offending, manage/reduce addiction and manage personal finances.

Cost of the project



Peterborough, UK

As a result of COVID-19, Hope Into Action’s tenants experienced tensions and struggles due to lockdown and the economic impact of the virus. 80% of its tenants have underlying health problems, with one of its tenants surviving the virus and another receiving end of life care. Its service users were struggling to release tensions they would have normally been able to. Due to isolation, its tenants needed more emotional and practical support than ever.

LandAid’s £6,750 grant provided support for their frontline workers such as PPE. It also ensured the cleanliness and safety of their homes.

About Hope Into Action