Humankind – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Humankind is an established provider of a range of health and social care services, including young people and family services, housing and homelessness support, substance misuse and clinical provision, criminal justice and offender rehabilitation and education, training and employment (ETE) services.

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London, UK

Due to social distancing requirements, Humankind’s young people were unable to access their social networks. This had a negative impact on their emotional wellbeing and their progress towards their personal goals, such as independent living. Humankind also suffered significant financial pressures on their residents, such as utility and food bill increases and loss of income.

LandAid’s £4,500 grant established a fund for their vulnerable young people, covering help with their utility bills, provision of food and mobile phone credit. This fund enabled Humankind respond to the changing circumstances of their young people.

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