Lemon Leopard, Osborne Clarke, Carter Jonas, Telford Homes, Travers Smith and CBRE – Pro Bono Support

Lemon Leopard receive over 212 hours of pro bono support worth £45,960, from Osborne Clarke, Carter Jonas, Telford Homes, Travers Smith and CBRE.

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Hoxton, London, UK

Lemon Leopard are an innovative and exciting collective based at Folklore, a music and events space in Hoxton, London.

They are continuedly ambitious, striving to increase the support for young people experiencing homelessness in the area.

They are in the process of working on plans to build on a carpark behind their building to create a home for permanently housing young people experiencing homelessness that present to them as needing support.

The plans came about as a response to the housing crisis in London and witnessing first-hand the levels of homelessness in the area, particularly from the LGBTQ+ community and the volume of people presenting as homelessness at the venue. The team behind the venue Folklore could not sit back and do nothing, instead they responded by starting a long term and informed plan, working with a local University on the feasibility and modelling of the project to make an impact and dent in the homelessness crisis.

LandAid partners have generously and selflessly so far provided over 212 hours of Pro Bono support to the project at a market value of £45,960.

Through the LandAid Pro Bono Programme Lemon Leopard have successfully received free professional support from many reputable leaders in the property and legal industry to realise their ambitious and admirable plans, including Osborne Clarke, Carter Jonas, Telford Homes, Travers Smith and CBRE.

Types of support have included legal, a variety of specialist surveys, quantity surveying, financial modelling planning, engineering, planning advice and property consultancy.

The members of Folklore had a dream to establish a community benefit charity and transform our building into a space for reconnection. We are big believers in the Gift Economy and wanted to find ways to bring about this dream through the exchange of skills and time rather than through money. By reaching out to LandAid we found partners who wanted to bring forth their gifts of skills and time to transform our building and demonstrate that big dreams can come true through human to human connection. We are delighted to have made so many friends in a new industry and including them into our growing and expanding circle of like-hearted people. The journey continues!
Maryam Zonouzi from Lemon Leopard

Lemon Leopard along with the Pro Bono partners will continue to work through at times very complex planning and design work and their energy and tenacity must be commended.

The LandAid Pro Bono Team will continue to support them with their existing plans and any new requests that may occur during the process, reaching out to our amazing network of partners for support.

Good luck to this amazing team of volunteers at Folklore, Hoxton and to the potential to reduce homelessness in their borough.