Nacro is a social justice charity at the forefront of pioneering ways to reduce crime and promote effective rehabilitation and resettlement of offenders, working in custody and the community.

Their mission is to positively change lives, strengthen communities, enhance social inclusion, reduce crime and prevent offending behaviour.

Cost of the project



Lincoln, UK

LandAid’s £66,150 grant helped to renovate 13 bed spaces and communal areas at The Cedars, Lincoln, to accommodate young parents aged 16-17 and care leavers up to 21 who are pregnant or with babies.

The work includes transforming the current bath/shower rooms and providing wet room facilities and kitchenettes to better meet the needs of those young people with mobility and health issues. The work to the bathrooms will ensure a bath is provided to enable young parents to better meet their babies needs.

Furniture and fittings will be replaced so that it is more suited to young people with complex needs prone to harming themselves, helping young people feel safe and secure in their home.