Barnardo’s Gap Homes

Barnardo’s is a children’s charity which aims to transform the lives of vulnerable young people, by supporting them and giving them the right opportunities.

Cost of the project



Glasgow, UK

The charity works closely with care leavers who need housing or are at risk of homelessness, providing them with a range of support services.

LandAid’s £75,000 grant will help fund the building of four new one-bed Gap Homes for care leavers aged 12-26 in Glasgow.

The Gap Home project will provide manageable, affordable accommodation and time and space for young people which will help them to transition into independent living.

Barnardo’s will provide consistent practical and emotional support for the young people, helping them to develop resilience and practical skills.

“We are delighted to be working with Land Aid on the Barnardo’s Gap Homes Programme across the UK. We can see so many opportunities to support and develop our innovative building programme, providing a new approach to housing for children who have experienced the care system. With access to specialist expertise and professional support through Land Aid, we can deliver quality homes leading to outstanding outcomes for young people, enabling them to fulfil their potential and become independent and successful adults. We are excited to see where our partnership will take us.”
Emma Good, UK Projects Development Manager