Restart Lives – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

With the willing assistance of over 180 volunteers, RESTART supports current and former homeless men and women in London. Its objectives are to help London’s homeless community break the cycle of homelessness and despair, move from the streets, confront the issues obstructing their futures and return to society as empowered, resilient human beings – preferably in employment and living independently in their own homes.

Cost of the project



London, UK

COVID-19 had a considerable impact on Restart Lives. The charity were unable to deliver their services, such as their weekly drop-in services. However, Restart remained busy and had to deliver alternative activities to young people.

LandAid’s £9,199 grant helped Restart transition toward a new normal. These funds helped the charity sustain its temporary activities and funded the weekly drop-in service, a mentoring programme, staffing and food.