Shelter from the Storm

Shelter From The Storm is an emergency night shelter that currently provides free overnight accommodation to 24 men and 18 women (42 total) every night of the year. They receive referrals from across London and accept new guests based upon a ‘taxi-rank’ admissions system. 

Cost of the project



London, UK

LandAid’s £100,000 grant will go towards the renovation of a former supermarket in Archway, Islington into a new 40 bed night shelter, a community café and a shop. It is a purpose built, design led, unique night shelter supported by charities across the city

The night shelter will operate from 6PM every evening until 8AM. The community café will be open from 10AM to 4PM and be open to all. SFTS are keen that the café be used to strengthen and develop local area community cohesion.