St Basils Youth Voice – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Youth Voice is made up of young people between 16-25 that have experienced homelessness, from across the nine regions of England. The main aim of Youth Voice is to ensure young homeless people have a voice and feel their contributions are valued and listened to, in all aspects of their life. Youth Voice is managed and facilitated by St Basils.

Cost of the project



Birmingham, UK

St Basils Youth Voice young people experienced heightened mental health issues in light of lockdown. Many of its young people had reached out for emotional support. One of the biggest difficulties its young people had faced was getting enough food for their weekly shop, as this proved challenging when you have little funds.

LandAid’s £10,000 grant created a ‘Happy Fund’, to allow each young person to obtain a small grant to boost their happiness. They were able to purchase a tablet, a streaming service or a bundle of books.