The Baytree Centre – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

The Baytree Centre, based in the heart of Brixton, has been supporting vulnerable women and girls for 28 years. It works with women and their families to break the cycle of poverty through education, training and one-to-one mentoring support. It works exclusively with economically and socially disadvantaged women many of whom are migrant and refugees, suffering from trauma due domestic and sexual abuse as well as experienced trauma arriving to the UK.

Cost of the project



London, UK

COVID-19 amplified the need for Baytree to continue its services. Many young people Baytree supports had lost their jobs. Due to this, Baytree saw an increased demand for food banks, financial support, and one-to-one support. Due to a lack of housing support and access to government benefits, many young women were being pushed to illegal eviction and already lived in sub-standard conditions. These factors contributed to detrimental effect in both mental and physical health on people who are already vulnerable.

LandAid’s £10,000 grant helped to support 40 young women. These funds delivered one-to-one mentoring, a housing advisor, internet access, data support and essential communication tools for those with fewer opportunities