YMCA Glenrothes

YMCA Glenrothes provide emergency 24-hour support in hostels, and floating support in move on houses and flats, for a range of vulnerable young people. They also run homelessness prevention help, including budgeting, mental health, teen parenting support and peer education programmes.

Cost of the project



Glenrothes, UK

LandAid £11,865 grant will help fund the renovation of a three-bed terraced house or flat to create three new bed spaces for young people to move on to when ready to leave the charity’s fully supported hostel.

In partnership with the council, the charity plans to provide training and volunteering opportunities for local unemployed people during the building work.

The young tenants will receive personal and wide-ranging support from an individual case worker, which focuses on achieving positive outcomes for each young person’s emotional, health, financial, learning and other personal needs.