YMCA Milton Keynes – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

YMCA Milton Keynes provides emergency accommodation and supported housing to young people aged 18-35 in Milton Keynes. As well as providing accommodation, it offers a range of support services to help their young people move out of homelessness, into employment and a brighter, secure future.

Cost of the project



Milton Keynes, UK

COVID-19 had a significant impact on YMCA Milton Keynes resident’s mental health, triggering anxieties, past traumas and an increase in anti-social behaviour. It was unable to open its social enterprises and had to furlough the majority of its fundraising team.

LandAid’s £7,640 fund covered the cost of YMCA Milton Keynes’s Hostel Support Worker moving into the building to ensure the provision of around the clock support. This also covered the cost of their café team who are ensuring all residents have access to food.