YMCA Trinity Group – COVID-19 Emergency Fund

YMCA Trinity Group is a local charity, at the heart of community transformation in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk since 1852. Its focus is on building proactive, sustainable communities with an emphasis on helping young people to realise their full potential on their journey from dependence to independence.

Cost of the project



Cambridgeshire, UK

Due to COVID-19, YMCA Trinity had to close many of its services. This had a huge impact on the young people it supports and their mental health. 56% of residents have issues with depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety and are struggling with loneliness as they were unable to access support from their network at the moment. YMCA Trinity saw a three-fold increase in reportable incidents in the last two months, including self-harm, suicide attempts and devastatingly one suicide.

Phase 1

LandAid’s £10,000 grant covered the costs of PPE and cleaning services to ensure YMCA Trinity is able to deliver their services to the best of their ability, and continue to support young people.

Phase 2

This £885 phase two grant was made from money raised from a fun run held by St Mary’s School, Cambridge. This funding enabled YMCA Trinity to buy Christmas presents for guests, help with the cost of materials for Arts and Crafts sessions, and helped provide some gardening equipment.