We do everything we can to ensure that the people, charities, and companies we work with have a great experience of LandAid.

Sometimes, however, things go wrong.

When they do, please get in touch with us straight away, so we can apologise, understand what happened, and take steps to make things better.

You can contact any member of the LandAid team, but for serious complaints, we’d ask that you get in touch directly with our Deputy CEO or the CEO.

Let us know what you’re unhappy about (and give us as much information as you think we need) and what steps you’d suggest we take to address your complaint. You don’t have to let us know your name or contact details (we’ll still investigate your complaint if you would prefer to remain anonymous), but without them we can’t talk to you to find out more or let you know what we plan to do.

If your complaint is about the Deputy CEO or the CEO, you can contact our Chair of Trustees.

If your complaint is about the Chair of Trustees, or a member of our board, please contact the CEO or Deputy CEO.

If you have a complaint relating to our fundraising activity, you can go to the Fundraising Regulator and ask them to investigate. If you have a very serious concern, and specifically one that relates to:

  • dishonest handling of funds
  • misapplication of funds
  • actions that contravene LandAid’s governing documents or charity law
  • actions that threaten to bring LandAid into disrepute

you can contact the Charity Commission or the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (if your concerns relate to LandAid’s activities in Scotland).

If you do approach the Fundraising Regulator, or the Charity Commission, or the OSCR, you may need to demonstrate that you have exhausted our own complaints process first.