Ambassador of the Month #6 – Laura Da Silva

In September we started a new Ambassador of the Month campaign, to further recognise the amazing work our Ambassadors are doing.


Each month we’ll select one Ambassador to speak to, asking them about their time at LandAid and highlighting something exceptional they’ve done.


Our past Ambassadors of the month have been: Anna Stewart from BNPPRE, Alexander Barnes and Joseph Round from Gerald Eve LLP, Kitty Kent from PwC, Sophie Walker from Gerald Eve LLP and Emma Murray from Palmer Capital.


We’re really pleased to announce our sixth Ambassador of the Month, Laura Da Silva from Malcolm Hollis! We selected Laura in part for her work helping to communicate LandAid’s mission and message to other people in her organisation, as well as spreading awareness about LandAid and the issues of youth homelessness in general.


We asked her some questions about her time as a LandAid Ambassador so far. Check out her answers below.


Why did you get involved in the LandAid Ambassador programme?


When I joined Malcolm Hollis I learned of their involvement with LandAid and what LandAid’s missions is; it really resonated with me and I wanted to get involved. Malcolm Hollis are proud LandAid Foundation Partners and supported my application to become an Ambassador. In turn, LandAid was very welcoming and signed me up to the next induction straight away, where I got to learn more about the organisation and what I could do to help. Since then I have been the Lead Malcolm Hollis LandAid Ambassador, making sure we’re living our partnership’, whether that is getting everyone to take part in LandAid Day and other events, promoting the Ambassador Programme internally to galvanise new recruits across the UK, or attending events on behalf of Malcolm Hollis.


Being an Ambassador has been great both personally and professionally; I have been able to support a cause that is really close to my heart whilst also networking with other like-minded, inspiring industry peers.


What has been the most enjoyable thing you’ve done as an Ambassador, and what fundraising idea you’ve seen someone else undertake for LandAid has most impressed you?


My visit to LandAid House last year was definitely the most enjoyable thing I’ve done so far. I got to see and hear first-hand what mine and Malcolm Hollis’ support is helping to achieve. It’s an impressive building that will be home to many young people, supporting their transition into independent living, which is such an important part of ensuring they’re prepared to live by themselves. Hearing about it all was a very humbling experience and I quickly reported back to colleagues on how we really are making a difference by penning an article for our internal newsletter.


Palmer Capital’s Money Maker Challenge has really impressed me – it looks really fun and it’s a great way to get people to raise money in lots of different ways.


Why would you say other people should become LandAid Ambassadors, and what has your proudest moment as an Ambassador been?


Youth homelessness is such a big problem with around 86,000 young people facing homelessness in the UK this year alone. Being able to help reduce that number and make a difference is a no brainer for me, and the more of us who join together to fight youth homelessness, the more chance we will have of ending it. Not only is it a good thing to do, it’s also a great way to learn new skills and a chance to meet and network with other people in the industry. It’s a win win!


I feel proudest when I see all our collective efforts play out on LandAid Day. I personally lead Malcolm Hollis’ activities across our office network and to see everyone coming together, digging deep and having a fun time is really rewarding. For LandAid Day 2018, amongst other things we coordinated a golf putting challenge in our offices which went really well; and it’s always entertaining seeing people’s competitive sides coming out!


However, I think my proudest achievement is yet to come; I am signed up to complete the LandAid Ambassador Challenge in May which will see me and my fellow Ambassadors canoe, hike and abseil in the Peak District. Watch this space!


If you’d like to tell us about something you’ve done which you think qualifies you as our Ambassador of the Month, or you’d like to nominate another Ambassador for the accolade, then email Callum Harvey and let him know.