Ambassador of the Month #9 – Bryony Jones & Jake Craig

Last year we started a new Ambassador of the Month campaign, to further recognise the amazing work our Ambassadors are doing.


Each month we’ll select one Ambassador to speak to, asking them about their time at LandAid and highlighting something exceptional they’ve done.


Our past Ambassadors of the month have been: Anna Stewart from BNPPRE, Alexander Barnes and Joseph Round from Gerald Eve LLP, Kitty Kent from PwC, Sophie Walker from Gerald Eve LLP, Emma Murray from Palmer Capital, Laura Da Silva from Malcolm Hollis, Sarah Gunn from TFT Consultants and India Storey from Logicor UK.


We’re really pleased to announce our ninth Ambassador of the Month pair as Bryony Jones and Jake Craig from Gerald Eve LLP! We selected Bryony and Jake in part for their fantastic work recruiting a huge number of runners from their company for the LandAid 10K, and for their general fantastic work shouting about our mission to end youth homelessness.


We asked them some questions about their time as LandAid Ambassadors so far. Check out their answers below.


Why did you get involved in the LandAid Ambassador programme?


The programme seemed like a fantastic opportunity to make a difference and try to help end youth homelessness in the UK. This is something we are both passionate about, and it is an honour to be able to represent our company, Gerald Eve, while volunteering for such a fantastic cause. The idea of getting involved with a variety of projects outside the scope of our day-to-day work was an attractive one – albeit slightly daunting since neither of us had been involved in anything similar before!


What has been the most enjoyable thing you’ve done as an Ambassador, and what fundraising idea you’ve seen someone else undertake for LandAid has most impressed you??


We both really enjoyed attending the recent LandAid Ambassador breakfast event, hosted by BNP Paribas Real Estate. This was the first event we attended as Ambassadors and it opened our eyes to the fantastic work that goes on at LandAid, and the huge amount of effort put in by its staff and the wider community. This event helped to kickstart our ideas and made us all the more determined to make a difference.


We were extremely impressed by the first LandAid SleepOut which took place last year and managed to raise an incredible £269,000. This is a brilliant example of the industry’s commitment to the charity, and the huge amount raised by this event is a testament to all those who took part.


Why would you say other people should become LandAid Ambassadors, and what has your proudest moment as an Ambassador been?


As a LandAid Ambassador, you are provided with the flexibility and support to make a real impact. The potential to raise awareness of the charity as well as fundraising for its cause is limitless, and the fantastic staff at LandAid ensure that you achieve the goals that you set. Being an ambassador also provides an opportunity to meet other people in related industries. We have enjoyed attending LandAid events and meeting likeminded individuals. Not only has this been fantastic from the point of view of networking and socialising, we have also been able to collaborate and brainstorm as to how we can most effectively assist the charity in its endeavours.


In terms of our proudest moment, we are really proud to have so many people from Gerald Eve signed up for the LandAid 10K. Previous ambassadors at Gerald Eve have done a brilliant job at getting people involved and it has been very rewarding being able to continue this trend. It has been incredibly inspiring seeing the number of people who want to take part and we hope that these numbers will continue to rise over the years.


If you’d like to tell us about something you’ve done which you think qualifies you as our Ambassador of the Month, or you’d like to nominate another Ambassador for the accolade, then email Tom Gellatly and let him know.