Why every kilometre you log for Steptober is Worth The Walk


Today is the first day of Steptober: the first ever property industry-wide step challenge!


As the newest member of LandAid’s Events and Fundraising team, it’s been inspiring to work on Steptober for my first event – I’m already bowled over by the enthusiasm and zeal of our supporters.


We’ve already got more than 130 teams and more than 500 people signed up – which is a crazy number! That’s a whole lot of steps about to be logged…


But, we really want Steptober to tap into the competitive spirit of the industry – and that’s why we want each team to challenge another team to a mini-challenge. You can do this at any point during the month, all you need to do it set a forfeit at stake for the loser.


Don’t worry, though: the forfeit is a donation to LandAid, so there doesn’t have to be any truth-or-dare style running down Oxford Street in a chicken costume (unless teams decide to make that part of their own mini-challenge, of course!).


We love this friendly competition, and we want every team to mini-challenge as many others as their bravery allows them to.


However, what the steps we’re taking are really all about is raising money to end youth homelessness in the UK. All the participants’ fundraising will help LandAid to support young people at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness.


This is why every single kilometre logged will truly be worth the walk.


We’d love it if participants took pictures of how they’re getting their steps in and shared them on social media using #WorthTheWalk (but don’t forget to also #Steptober). Doing this will show your support and encourage others to do the same.


I can’t wait to start stepping and contributing to our very own team LandAid’s score in the challenge, and I hope everyone who’s registered will stay motivated to vie for top spot as the month goes on. Every inch of walking you record in the property industry’s first step challenge really is worth the walk, no matter how far you go. So get stepping now!